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In pursuit of COMEC’s objective of promoting knowledge of military affairs in the academic community, and the academic study of disciplines of importance to the defence establishment, the Council sponsors a series of prestige lectures known as the COMEC Lectures.

These lectures take place roughly every two years. The Lectures are hosted by the Military Education Committee in one of the constituent universities of COMEC. COMEC Lecturers are normally prominent members of the defence community, civilian or military, who speak on topical issues affecting the UK Services and the defence of the UK.


Past COMEC Lectures

London University 3 Feb 1993 General Sir Peter Inge, Chief of the General Staff
Birmingham University 4 April 1997 General R R Fogelman, Chief of Staff USAF Airpower in International Security: A United States Perspective
Liverpool University 11 Oct 1999 General Sir Roger Wheeler, Chief of the General Staff Keeping the British Army Ready and Fit for Battle in the Post SDR Era
Cardiff University 3 Oct 2001 Sir David Davies, President, Royal Academy of Engineering, former Chief Scientist, MoD Technology in Defence
London University 5 March 2004 Lt Gen Sir John Kiszely, Commander Regional Forces and Inspector General Territorial Army Defence and the Universities in the 21st Century
Edinburgh University 10 March 2006 General Sir Michael Walker, Chief of the Defence Staff Strategic Leadership
University of Bristol 27 November 2008 Professor Richard Holmes, Military Historian Professional and Gifted Amateurs: The British Army on the Western Front 1914-18