Research into University Service Units (USUs)

The University of Newcastle is undertaking research into the value of USUs (University Royal Navy Units, University Officer Training Corps, University Air Squadrons). In addition to the benefits reaped by the Armed Forces, the research will also focus on the value of experience in USUs for graduates of the scheme that have not gone on to a Service career, for employers of graduates who bring USU experience to their employment and for universities that host the Units.

Military Education Committees

Glasgow and Strathclyde MEC:

University Service Units

University Royal Navy Units –
University Officers Training Units –
University Air Squadron –
Defence Technical Undergraduate Sceme –
Defence Sixth Form College –

Leadership and Management Awarding Bodies

Officer Cadets in University Service Units gain theoretical and practical leadership knowledge as part of their training. The University Service Units have arranged with two of the leading awarding bodies a way in which this experience can be recognised. Awards gained can be built on in an individual’s later career whether in Service or civilian life. Further information about Awards can be obtained from the following organisations:

Chartered Management Institute –

Institute of Leadership and Management –


Legasee was launched on 11th February 2011. It is a social history project which interviews British war veterans, creating an online archive for use as an educational tool for schools, colleges, museums and similar. Legasee is keen to work with military educational departments.

Full information on Legasee and access to interviews can be found at